Grassroots Multi-Sport announced as “Official Media Partner” of London 9s

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We are delighted to announced that Grassroots Multi-Sport will be returning as “Official Media Partner” of the London 9s Rugby Festival.

Previously known as Grassroots Rugby Media, Grassroots Multi-Sport (GRM SPORT) is a multi-media online platform created to showcase grassroots sporting talent.

Founder Shawn Boatin says “LDN9s was the event of summer 2018! With Rugby League players travelling from as far a Australasia! The event was a huge success and provided me with an international platform to showcase my skills and capture breathtaking rugby moments! I am really pleased to be back for 2019! Nobody captures Rugby moments quite like GRM SPORT!”

London 9s Founder Graham Oliphant welcomes this announcement “Fantastic to have Grassroots Multi-Sport on board again as a solid partner with LDN9S 2019.

Shawn and GRMSport display the same entrepreneurial drive and passion for Rugby, which LDN9S embodies an ideal team up for the largest Rugby9s Festival in Europe!

For 2019 we have developed the LDN9S as part of a larger ‘London League Weekender’

So ‘grassroots’ teams and fans can enjoy a whole weekend of Rugby in London, capped off with the annual LDN9S.

The slick GRMSports produced hype videos say it all!”

Check out the launch video for London 9s 2019 created by Grassroots Multi-Sport…

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