London9s Event Planner shortlisted for Industry Award in USA

The London9s organiser, Graham Oliphant, has been shortlisted for the Sports Events Media Group Readers Choice Award, in the USA, for the ground breaking London9s Rugby Festival.


The Sports Events Media Group are the industry leaders in the USA in connecting amateur sports events rights holders with sports commissions and industry suppliers.

“It’s a great honour to be shortlisted and i’m really pleased as this is well overdue recognition for the whole team of people who made the London9s possible” - Graham commented.

He continued….“Events don’t just happen. 99% of the work is done before the day itself, and without a smart, committed and passionate team of individuals who are willing to stretch the boundaries and solve problems to get the job done we wouldn’t have an event. That includes all our sponsors, the teams who travel from around the world to attend and trust us to deliver a world class event, to the volunteers and partners who make it such a fantastic experience!”

Sherri Middleton, Managing Editor for Sports Events Media, added: “We are always delighted to see Graham at our annual Industry event in the USA. Amongst 400 plus events rights holders from across the US, Graham is the only English guy and normally the sole promoter of Rugby and his 9 a side festival in London. This is such a new sport to us and it’s an education for our sports commissions to understand how they can accommodate this exciting new concept with a similar event in the States.”

The amateur sporting events industry generated $10.6 billion in economic impact across the USA in 2017 alone (NASC annual report).

If you would like to cast your VOTE and support Graham as ‘Event planner to watch for 2020’ and the promotion of Rugby League 9s in the USA, please click on the link below, scroll down to ‘Event Planner’ in section 2 and vote. Then scroll to the bottom and click ‘done’


Perform Supplements Partner with London9s


Perform Supplements will be joining the London9s this year as official sponsors of the Men’s Social Tournament.

They will also have some exciting promotional offers available for attendees at the London Rugby9s event on Sunday 25 August.

The British based Company was created by two strength and conditioning coaches who wanted to give back to the athlete. No Gimmicks. No fads. Just quality batch tested supplements underpinned by science.

Their products are:

  • Batch tested by Informed Sports for banned substances to provide a safer choice for athletes

  • 100% natural ingredients (no fillers, additives)

  • cheapest on market compared to competitors offering same product

Event Organiser, Graham Oliphant, explained the partnership: “ We love working with innovative and dynamic partners, and Perform Supplements are certainly that. They are passionate about their product and they have the professional background to deliver the authenticity behind it. Myself and the team are looking forward to working with them as we develop the London9s to a wider market.”

If you can’t wait until the 25th August, you can check out their great product range and follow them on social media, at:

Facebook: Perform Supplements

Instagram: @performsupplements

ScrumBum Partner with London9s


ScrumBum Ltd is an innovative UK based Company who make high performance kit that is specifically designed for women!

Dani Cranton, Director and Co-Founder of the Reading based Company, explained their vision: “For too long women rugby and rugby league players have had to buy ill fitting men’s kit. Not any more. Our designs are form fitting, so you can finally say ‘No’ to crotch bunching, excess material, rolled up waistbands, and shorts that end up under your armpits!”


ScrumBum will be displaying their exciting new ranges of women’s shorts at the London9s, with discounted deals for on-the-day purchases. What’s more, they will also be the official sponsor of the Women’s Tournament.

Event organsier, Graham Oliphant, shared his thoughts on the new partnership: “I had a good chat with Dani and love the fact that she identified a gap in the market and was passionate enough to do something about it. It’s a pleasure to welcome ScrumBum on board and we look forward to working together to develop and grow this partnership.”

If you can’t wait to grab your ScrumBum shorts, you can check out their range at and order NOW in time for the 25th August! (Be sure to quote ‘London9s’ ). to LIVE STREAM London9s to global audience


London9s goes Global

If you can’t make it to London this August, don’t worry, you can still catch ALL the action, LIVE, and in HD, thanks to a bold new partnership.

Tournament organiser and Owner of parent company ‘Rugby Festival Events Ltd’, Graham Oliphant, shared his feelings on this historic opportunity:

“Through the London9s we stand by our commitment to raising the profile of ‘Rugby League 9s’ events by adopting and implanting professional practices and standards. This is part of our drive to develop a cohesive and connected Capital9s Circuit across the Northern Hemisphere, so young adults can enjoy sports tourism opportunities across major cities, and open up new markets for Rugby League 9s events”.

“A critical element in building out our infrastructure and marketing our content is to have an online streaming platform.”


“This year, thanks to our partnership with, our official broadcasting and online sports streaming partner and CKMRed288, our European production partners, I am delighted to announce that we are now able to bring you a professionally produced live stream of the whole event!”

“Together we share a common vision on how sports are being viewed through OTT platforms and see this as a huge opportunity for the proliferation of the expansion of international rugby league. All for the equivalent of the price of a pint!”

For more details on how this will work and how to join, please click