Live stream London9s 2019

If you can’t make it to London this August, don’t worry, you can still catch the action, LIVE and in HD, via our official live stream platform.

Through the London9s we stand by our commitment to raising the standard of ‘Rugby League 9s’ events and developing a Capital9s Circuit across the Northern Hemisphere.

This year, thanks to our partnership with Sportsflick, our official broadcasting and online sports streaming partner and CKMRed288, our production partners, we can bring you a professionally produced live stream of the whole event!

So you can sit back and watch this international event from anywhere in the world.

What’s more, you can also gain FULL access to the Balkan Super League and a growing treasure chest of other fast-action sports, all streamed online, from any device.

See the match schedule here - Click Here

Live stream subscription FAQ

Why do we need to subscribe and pay, aren’t amateur events like this usually free?

You’re correct. Broadcasting of these types of events are usually free. Typically, however, your free coverage consists of one still camera angle, at ground level, limited or no commentary, and no replays.

The London9s will be broadcast in full HD, using a 4 camera production team, via an elevated TV gantry and pitch level angles, to capture a full schedule of action.

We also have a dedicated commentary team giving you in-depth analysis during the games as well as behind the scenes access to the event.

The specialists will also be giving you pitch side access to exclusive interviews and insight into key players and team back-stories. Giving you the full experience of actually being there!

Furthermore, you’ll have access to replays on-demand, to relive your team scoring, time, and time again!

SUBSCRIBE today for just $9.99 AUD set up and access 3 MONTHS FREE

But what’s so special about the London9s? Isn’t it just a bunch of amateur teams?

We do have amateur NCL teams taking part, but we also have national teams and developing nations, spanning 4 continents, attending.

The London9s is the largest 9s event in Europe. In 2019 we are bringing together the largest collection of overseas teams EVER SEEN for a 9s event in the Europe.

Teams from 12 different countries will make their way to the English Capital for this annual event.

This is a must-see event for any fan of international rugby league expansion!

What does my subscription include?

You’ll receive full access to the Sportsflick online sports streaming platform, with a growing number of sports, LIVE in HD, and replays on demand.

This will give you exclusive access to the London9s, showing you the key group games and the all important series of Finals, with live commentary. You’ll also be in the front seat with on-the-spot coverage and exclusive interviews, so you’ll feel like your right there in the heart of the action.

(NB: This content will be unavailable on Facebook Live after 12.40 GMT).

You’ll also be able to see the return of the all important Balkan Super League and the restart of Serbian Rugby League, in September.

Bare knuckle fighting is also available, as well as hot soccer action from the Arabian Gulf League.

More sports and content will be lined up for you over the coming months

And remember, there are NO CONTRACTS, so why not give it a T.R.Y….

How much is it?

Barely the price of a pint of beer….

Only $9.99 AUD set up, to then access 3 months of FREE subscription (as our streaming partners are based in Australia), so that’s only approximately £5.60 if you are based in the UK

That’s less than the price of a pint and bag of crisps in London!*

And don’t forget, you can also access replays and ON DEMAND with your subscription.

*The equivalent rates, across our other large markets are: Europe €6.20 per month, USA $7 USD, Canada $9 CAD.

Your subscription renews every 30 days

Am i tied in on a contract?

There are NO CONTRACTS. You can cancel at any time.

Even better, we have an introductory offer. If you subscribe TODAY for only $9.99 AUD set up, you can then access 3 months of FREE subscription

This allows you to bag FULL ACCESS to the London9s selected games, as well as the restart of the much anticipated Balkan Super League, in September.

I have some technical questions and would like further information

Sure. Please email quoting ‘LONDON9s’ and our Team will be happy to help.

Catch all the action from London9s LIVE and in HD from any device

Adult teams from 12 different countries playing fast and furious 15 minute games

Quality content with a 4 camera production team

Dedicated commentary team with in-depth analysis during the games

Behind the scenes action and exclusive interviews and insight

NO CONTRACT TIE-IN, Cancel anytime.

Only $9.99 AUD set up to then access 3 months of FREE subscription

Quality guarantee, with access to replays and ON Demand

London 9s Rugby Festival

Sunday 25th August 2019 - 10.00 - 22.00 GMT

East London RFC, 71 Holland Rd, London E15 3BP